Direct Line: (267) 225-6467

Dr. Jana Hartjen is a licensed clinical psychologist.  She received her Psy.D in Clinical Psychology from Chestnut Hill College and her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English from Lehigh University.

Dr. Hartjen has been providing therapy for 10+ years for a wide range of clients. She has special interest in eating disorders and disordered eating, perfectionism, body image, work-life balance, identity development and optimization, self-worth, and life transitions. She has also worked with mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, substance addiction, chronic pain and medical illness and relational conflicts. She has also worked in intensive outpatient co-facilitating Suboxone groups, and in college counseling, and primary care settings.

Jana completed a 30 hour DBT training course taught by leading DBT experts, Lane Pederson and Jean Eich.  She facilitates the teen and adult DBT skills groups at Bucks Support Services.  She runs the teen and adult DBT groups at Bucks Support Services.

Therapy, and life, are about journeying together to find meaning/purpose, authenticity, self-love, and vitality of life. Dr. Hartje’s focus is on helping individuals find and use their voice through their preferred language (music, art, writing, etc.) in order to bring out what lies dormant and to illuminate what deserves to shine. Dr. Hartjen believes that with determination and collaboration, everyone’s goals can be attained. In the words of William Wordsworth, “In strength of heart the sailor fights with roaring seas.” Dr. Hartjen draws from a passionate, determined heart and life philosophy and vows to be your co-captain for all the calm and choppy seas ahead.

Dr. Hartjen finds quotes to be her inspiration, and can be a platform, if desired to help client’s find their way. Training in psychodynamic therapy and CBT-E (an approach specifically designed for eating disorders) are part of Dr. Hartjen’s toolbox. She also draws components from DBT, CBT, ACT, motivational interviewing, and existential approaches. She tailors treatment to include whatever, and whomever, will be most effective in catalyzing growth. Dr. Hartjen has incorporated individuals, couples, families, group and collaboration with medical providers into her approach. She treats both adults and teens.

Dr. Hartjen welcomes questions and consults to determine if she is the right fit for you. She appreciates people of all backgrounds and feels honored to be a fellow journeyer in this beautifully complicated road of life.